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Nearly a quarter century ago, Karen and I embarked upon a journey called parenting. We began the journey with high hopes, loads of faith, and a certain amount of confidence, inspired by the fact that we turned out OK, so how hard could it be?

Oh, how little we knew.

And now, here we are at the other end of that journey, facing the prospect of an empty nest in a couple of short years. Along the way we added three boys to our crew, and together we have spent over two decades living life and learning how to make it all work. It wasn’t always easy, and we certainly made our share of mistakes, but we also stumbled across some pretty good insights.

This blog is a collection of tales from our adventure of raising three sons. Most of these stories have long since passed into our family lore; they’re the ones that seem to come up again and again when we’re gathered around a common table. They involve things like Loaded Omelet Biscuits, wooden spoons, donut days, monsters, push-ups, secret hand signs, and much more.

Many of the stories involve good ideas we picked up through the years, mostly from other parents (our own included), and adapted for our own uses. It’s my hope that you’ll be able to do the same.

So pull up a chair. We’ve added a leaf to the table and put on a pot of coffee for your visit.

(just click on the “Blog” link above to get started)


8 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Granddad

    A great idea!!!!

    My only question at this early point in your blog,,, you mention “…wooden spoons…”.
    Does that reference refer to the “…wooden spoon…” that your Great-grandmother Rosenbaum wielded with devastating accuracy throughout WW-II ??!!

    • Dave

      I had no idea the tradition went back that far, but yes. Apparently Burke men have required the occasional “adjustment” using that tool for many generations now :-)

  2. Abba

    I look forward to reading the blogs. It is too late for me. The “damage” is done. You both have “proven products” to verify your right to write on this theme.

  3. Patricia Tate

    Great stories. I am looking forward to more. Love this idea.

  4. john tucker

    though I have no boys of my own, I have seen and admired the work you have done with your children. I eagerly read your stories and gleen from your wisdom as a godly father and mother raising God’s greatest gift to you. Thanks for sharing your triumphs and tragedies with so many!

  5. Karen Pierce

    Dave & Karen, I too, have raised five young men by God’s grace. What a blessing to see them now! They are 15- 25 years old so I am almost finished. I read all your blogs and love them! This will be so helpful. Thanks for doing this and God bless you!

  6. Laura Tucker

    I’m so glad you are writing a blog! What a neat thing for your boys to have when they start raising families. Love you guys!

  7. Eric Atkins

    This is a great resource for future and young parents.

    I’ve gone back to read every post. And I look forward to many more blog posts.

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