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Wrestle Time

Establishing a routine at bedtime is good business. We started the practice when our boys were still infants and carried it on until they started going to bed later than we did. No matter what else was going on we tried to keep to our routine of taking baths, wrestling, reading books, praying together, and … Continue reading »

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Our family has lots of code words. Many of them began with things the boys said incorrectly when they were young and we just adopted them as our personal alternatives to the correct phrases. Others grew out of a desire to be discrete. When our boys needed to use the bathroom they often said they … Continue reading »

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As the boys were growing up I tried to include them as much as possible in the hobbies that inspired me. As I’ve mentioned before, I inherited an insatiable desire to learn new things from my dad and his dad, and I wanted my boys to share that. Inevitably my enthusiasm for a particular activity … Continue reading »

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Birth Order

It is a matter of continual amazement to me that three boys brought up under the same parents, in the same atmosphere, in largely the same environment can have such different personalities. There’s a long-standing debate among scientists and psychologists about whether birth order has anything to do with this.  According to some experts, “First … Continue reading »

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