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The Other Side of Experience

If you want to build something that lasts, you have to have a proper foundation. Building a family works the same way.  If you can start off with a solid foundation the chances are better (though not guaranteed) that whatever you end up building on top of it will be more secure. Start out shaky … Continue reading »

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Many Choices

Parenting has a lot to do with setting boundaries. In fact, two of parenting’s biggest challenges are figuring out where to set the boundaries for our kids and deciding what the consequences of their crossing them will be. Some of those decisions are easy. Telling our boys they shouldn’t stick dinner knives into the wall … Continue reading »

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Donut Day

The arrival of each new child in a family is a blessing; unless you happen to be one of the kids who already staked a claim in that territory. Claim jumping is serious business. It’s hard not to feel a little displaced when everyone’s so focused on the new guy. We tried to be sensitive … Continue reading »

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Being Someone

Most of us want to belong. It provides us with the security of being part of something bigger than ourselves, but it also gives us a sense of identity. When Gerrit was about 6, he got a Batman costume for Halloween. Then Karen’s mom made a Robin costume for Tuck by hand. It was amazing. … Continue reading »

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Wooden Spoons

Regardless of their age, men often resemble pack animals in their need to find out where they stand in the hierarchy. Boys are famous for testing themselves against their dads; it’s just a natural part of the process of growing up. One night at the dinner table, Tucker decided to demonstrate the latest “thing” going … Continue reading »

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