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Raising Men

One of the earliest and most important things we figured out was that in parenting, as in life, you generally hit what you’re aiming for. This bit of wisdom must be tempered of course by the inconvenient fact that children sometimes have the tendency to develop trajectories of their own.  While this can be most … Continue reading »

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The foundation for our fledgling family was built on top of two already-solid family traditions. Karen grew up the daughter of missionaries in South America, and I was raised in a Navy family. We both grew up surrounded by faith, hope, and lots of love. Our paths first crossed in El Paso, Texas. Karen was … Continue reading »

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Passing Gas

If you’re honest, you’ll have to admit that passing gas can be pretty funny. Oh sure, it’s rude and bad manners and all of that, but even as an adult, in the right circumstances, you know it still makes you snicker. In a house full of boys it’s an art form. When I was in … Continue reading »

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He Bear, She Bear

Karen and I both enjoy reading a lot. The path between our house and the library is well worn. We like a lot of the same things, but we also have our own preferences. My tastes tend to run from non-fiction books about science to science fiction, while Karen enjoys mostly fiction. We share an … Continue reading »

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When I was in the army I sometimes drew miniature depictions of the battlefield in the sand to help explain the plan to my soldiers. These were called “sand tables.” If I knew the General was coming by we sometimes made really fancy sand tables with models and colorful materials, but most of the time … Continue reading »

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