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Like so many other topics in life the subject of money eventually catches our kids’ attention. After years spent riding in the seat of a shopping cart they’ve seen a magical process take place, again and again. Apparently you can walk into a store and take anything you want, as long as you give the … Continue reading »

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Our family has lots of code words. Many of them began with things the boys said incorrectly when they were young and we just adopted them as our personal alternatives to the correct phrases. Others grew out of a desire to be discrete. When our boys needed to use the bathroom they often said they … Continue reading »

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Most of us parents have been told at some point that we need to “appreciate the kids now because they grow up before you know it.” This usually comes from parents whose children are already grown, so their advice may be a little suspect. Parenting can be tough, and sometimes it feels like we’re barely … Continue reading »

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Wrestle Time 2

Once our boys got to high school, wrestling became more of a special event than a regular thing. It’s hard to say exactly how we knew each time that a wrestling match was called for, but the need for it was usually obvious to all the parties involved. Sometimes it came after a couple of … Continue reading »

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The Driving Contract

When I turned sixteen and got my license our family had two cars: the family car and the one my dad took to work. I was allowed to drive either of them, provided I had a good enough reason and it wasn’t inconveniencing someone else. That was pretty much the situation with most of my … Continue reading »

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