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To “wonder” can mean a couple of different things. We wonder when we are curious, as in “I wonder what tomorrow will bring.” We also wonder when we are presented with something amazing and we experience awe. I wonder a lot. With a biology degree and a career in engineering, it’s not surprising that I … Continue reading »

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Moving Mountains

We devoted a lot of time to laying a foundation for our boys’ faith as they were growing up. We read Bible stories and prayed each night before bed. We went to Sunday school and church each week. We tried various forms of family devotionals. We brought the boys along when we served meals and … Continue reading »

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The Talk

As toys go, Transformers are amazing. Even if you’re not aware of the story lines associated with the characters, the concept of an ordinary car or truck magically becoming a powerful robot with impressive powers is fascinating. With a little unfolding and an extension of this or that, an ordinary thing suddenly becomes something extraordinary! … Continue reading »

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