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Plausible Deniability

Like most folks, we were pretty excited about Tucker’s first experience with “real food” and we wanted to capture the moment for posterity. So, I set up the video camera as Karen began the process and big brother Gerrit chatted and looked on. It was a lovely family moment…until something got a hold of Gerrit … Continue reading »

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When I was in the army I sometimes drew miniature depictions of the battlefield in the sand to help explain the plan to my soldiers. These were called “sand tables.” If I knew the General was coming by we sometimes made really fancy sand tables with models and colorful materials, but most of the time … Continue reading »

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He Peeked at me!

Philip’s arrival was a big deal for our family. For the last several generations the Burke family has produced only brother/sister pairs, so the novelty of having a third child was quite a spectacle. Having all three be boys who were capable of carrying on the Burke family name was downright newsworthy! When your family … Continue reading »

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To “wonder” can mean a couple of different things. We wonder when we are curious, as in “I wonder what tomorrow will bring.” We also wonder when we are presented with something amazing and we experience awe. I wonder a lot. With a biology degree and a career in engineering, it’s not surprising that I … Continue reading »

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Going Out

I suspect that growing up in a home with only brothers helps to reinforce the idea that girls are weird. You don’t get a lot of exposure to the feminine side of the equation when you’re always around your brothers and their friends. Even though some of those friends have sisters, what they tell you … Continue reading »

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