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Plausible Deniability

Posted by on December 22, 2013

Like most folks, we were pretty excited about Tucker’s first experience with “real food” and we wanted to capture the moment for posterity. So, I set up the video camera as Karen began the process and big brother Gerrit chatted and looked on.

It was a lovely family moment…until something got a hold of Gerrit and out of the blue he turned and bopped Tucker over the head with a rattle. Everyone was stunned, except Tucker who seemed oblivious to the assault and just wanted more of that new food!

[The Big Bop]

The interchange between Gerrit and Karen was hilarious:

Karen: What were you doing?
Gerrit: What was I doing?
Karen: What were you doing?
Gerrit: You tell me.
Karen: You tell me. What did you just do?
Gerrit: What did I just do?
Karen: You just bashed your brother on the head. Now you tell him you’re sorry.
Gerrit: Sorry.

Gerrit tried to give Tuck an apology hug and ended up with baby food slobber on his hand. Ewww. Bravely he accepted that as part of his punishment and retreated to his room to contemplate the error of his ways.

Months later, Karen and I were in the living room and heard a sudden scream from the boys’ bedroom. Gerrit came crying down the hall and announced that Tucker had whacked him over the head with a block. We marched down to the room and found Tucker peacefully playing.

Dave: Tucker, did you hit Gerrit on the head with a block?
Tucker: Tucka no hit Gehwit.
Dave: Then what happened?
Tucker: Bee sting Gehwit.

Plausible deniability.

Sweet revenge.

originally published 10/20/11| next post Someone’s always watching

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