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The Internet

Our first experience with the internet came back in 1993. Those were the early days of the World Wide Web when most folks were connecting using either AOL or CompuServe. Connecting required the use of a phone line, so a large part of the competition between the two companies had to do with which had … Continue reading »

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Our dog Maggie died over Christmas break this year. She was almost 13 years old and had developed an enormous tumor in her abdomen. The tumor would probably have been inoperable regardless of her age, but her quality of life had also been declining for several months. It was time. Pets can be a big … Continue reading »

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Like most parents, Karen and I wanted to make sure that our children had every chance to succeed in school. We sometimes joked that this was because we were anxious for them to get successful jobs and move out so we could have the house to ourselves, but that was just our warped senses of … Continue reading »

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Jesus Freaks

The Bible teaches that we are to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” There are those who wish that God had been a little more specific and commanded something more like a joyful “melody” instead, but for some reason He didn’t. That was, no doubt, for the best. Had He been more specific, every … Continue reading »

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Man Movies

One of the greatest benefits of having children (besides all of that personal fulfillment and propagation of the species stuff…blah, blah, blah), is that you get to play with their toys! Let’s face it, toys are so much cooler now than when we were kids! It may be popular among parents to bemoan the fact … Continue reading »

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