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Setting Good Examples

As we think about the importance of preparing our children for an uncertain world, we have to weigh the potential impact of our activities on our kids. Things that seemed OK before we had kids suddenly take on new implications. I can still remember my parents deciding to do away with their liquor cabinet when … Continue reading »

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He Bear, She Bear

Karen and I both enjoy reading a lot. The path between our house and the library is well worn. We like a lot of the same things, but we also have our own preferences. My tastes tend to run from non-fiction books about science to science fiction, while Karen enjoys mostly fiction. We share an … Continue reading »

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Someone’s always watching

Both Karen and I spent our childhoods moving frequently. It’s just part of life when you belong to families involved with missions and the military. The migrations continued when we got married and we spent our first seven years moving around Germany. Finally, just as the boys were first entering school, we settled in one … Continue reading »

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Loaded Omelet Biscuits

When Philip was in the 6th grade he couldn’t wait to go to his first middle school Christmas dance. The dance was coming up on a Friday and it was all he could talk about.  On the Wednesday prior, just as Karen was walking out the door to pick him up from school, the phone … Continue reading »

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He Peeked at me!

Philip’s arrival was a big deal for our family. For the last several generations the Burke family has produced only brother/sister pairs, so the novelty of having a third child was quite a spectacle. Having all three be boys who were capable of carrying on the Burke family name was downright newsworthy! When your family … Continue reading »

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