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Rite of Passage – the preparation

We decided to hold the Rite of Passage for each of our boys when they turned fifteen. We knew that when they turned sixteen, and started to drive on their own, our opportunities for impacting their lives would decrease dramatically. Freedom is an exciting and powerful privilege, and we wanted to make sure that they … Continue reading »

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Rite of Passage – The Ceremony: Part 1

On the night of the ceremony, I took our son up to the church and we arranged things as needed for the ceremony. We prepared the elements for the Lord’s Supper. As the guests began arriving, it was his duty to greet and welcome them. We tried to arrange beforehand for someone besides a family … Continue reading »

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Rite of Passage – The Ceremony: Part 2

As the ceremony continued, I said a few words about each of the four virtues we had selected, beginning with Faith: A Life of Faith Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. It is knowing that no matter how out-of-control life may seem, God is at the … Continue reading »

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Life’s not Fair

In the movie “The Lion King” Simba’s uncle Scar famously sneers the line, “Life’s not fair, is it.” As parents we’ve had opportunity to quote Scar many times over the years, complete with our best imitation of Jeremy Iron’s voice, because it turns out he was right. Life just isn’t fair a lot of the … Continue reading »

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To “wonder” can mean a couple of different things. We wonder when we are curious, as in “I wonder what tomorrow will bring.” We also wonder when we are presented with something amazing and we experience awe. I wonder a lot. With a biology degree and a career in engineering, it’s not surprising that I … Continue reading »

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