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The Queen

For Karen, one of the chief benefits of living in a house filled with boys was that she was the uncontested queen. My own position as the Alfa male was, by its very nature, subject to increasing challenge as the boys grew up, but Karen’s place in the hierarchy was always completely secure. There was … Continue reading »

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Slippery Slopes

There is a well-worn axiom that says our parents get wiser as we get older. The truth is we tend to grow in our appreciation of what they were trying to tell us as we experience more of life. There’s nothing like rounding a bend on the path of life and suddenly encountering the very … Continue reading »

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Life’s not Fair

In the movie “The Lion King” Simba’s uncle Scar famously sneers the line, “Life’s not fair, is it.” As parents we’ve had opportunity to quote Scar many times over the years, complete with our best imitation of Jeremy Iron’s voice, because it turns out he was right. Life just isn’t fair a lot of the … Continue reading »

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Man Movies

One of the greatest benefits of having children (besides all of that personal fulfillment and propagation of the species stuff…blah, blah, blah), is that you get to play with their toys! Let’s face it, toys are so much cooler now than when we were kids! It may be popular among parents to bemoan the fact … Continue reading »

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