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Author Archives: Dave Burke

Donut Day

The arrival of each new child in a family is a blessing; unless you happen to be one of the kids who already staked a claim in that territory. Claim jumping is serious business. It’s hard not to feel a little displaced when everyone’s so focused on the new guy. We tried to be sensitive … Continue reading »

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Reputation is a fickle thing. A young man of good character can successfully navigate the uncertain waters of life for years, only to have a single moment of bad judgment erase all the progress he has made. The speed of the descent from “fine young man” and pats on the back, to sidelong glances and … Continue reading »

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I have alluded to some of our philosophies on discipline in previous posts. Perhaps it’s time to address the issue more directly. Deciding how to discipline our children is a highly personal matter. Most of us bring a lot of what we know about the matter from our childhood experiences. Whether we decide to use … Continue reading »

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Like so many other topics in life the subject of money eventually catches our kids’ attention. After years spent riding in the seat of a shopping cart they’ve seen a magical process take place, again and again. Apparently you can walk into a store and take anything you want, as long as you give the … Continue reading »

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Wrestle Time

Establishing a routine at bedtime is good business. We started the practice when our boys were still infants and carried it on until they started going to bed later than we did. No matter what else was going on we tried to keep to our routine of taking baths, wrestling, reading books, praying together, and … Continue reading »

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