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Getting Ahead of Ourselves

One of the advantages of waxing eloquent about your own parenting is that you can highlight the successes and gloss over the mistakes. Not that WE would ever do such a thing, of course! ;-) The truth is that there are a few things we wish we could do over. Usually they had to do … Continue reading »

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Plausible Deniability

Like most folks, we were pretty excited about Tucker’s first experience with “real food” and we wanted to capture the moment for posterity. So, I set up the video camera as Karen began the process and big brother Gerrit chatted and looked on. It was a lovely family moment…until something got a hold of Gerrit … Continue reading »

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Predators and Prey

My friend, Steve, and I have been having lunch together every week for over a decade. I’ve learned a lot from Steve. There aren’t many people who know so much about so many things. Born in rural Alabama, Steve grew up learning how things work and how to make-do with whatever was available. As a … Continue reading »

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To “wonder” can mean a couple of different things. We wonder when we are curious, as in “I wonder what tomorrow will bring.” We also wonder when we are presented with something amazing and we experience awe. I wonder a lot. With a biology degree and a career in engineering, it’s not surprising that I … Continue reading »

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Wrestle Time 2

Once our boys got to high school, wrestling became more of a special event than a regular thing. It’s hard to say exactly how we knew each time that a wrestling match was called for, but the need for it was usually obvious to all the parties involved. Sometimes it came after a couple of … Continue reading »

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