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Loaded Omelet Biscuits

When Philip was in the 6th grade he couldn’t wait to go to his first middle school Christmas dance. The dance was coming up on a Friday and it was all he could talk about.  On the Wednesday prior, just as Karen was walking out the door to pick him up from school, the phone … Continue reading »

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Predators and Prey

My friend, Steve, and I have been having lunch together every week for over a decade. I’ve learned a lot from Steve. There aren’t many people who know so much about so many things. Born in rural Alabama, Steve grew up learning how things work and how to make-do with whatever was available. As a … Continue reading »

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Slippery Slopes

There is a well-worn axiom that says our parents get wiser as we get older. The truth is we tend to grow in our appreciation of what they were trying to tell us as we experience more of life. There’s nothing like rounding a bend on the path of life and suddenly encountering the very … Continue reading »

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